Miracle Accounting Software

Suitable for Accountant, Traders, Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers
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Miracle Accounting Software


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“Miracle Accounting Software”
Miracle is general purpose accounting software with features as par current industry standards. Main strength of Miracle is easy to use, scalability and flexibility. Miracle is available in different variants like Premium Copy, Standard Copy, Super Account Copy, Account Copy & Billing Copy.


Account LedgerConfirmation Statement
Simple / Compound Interest CalculationCash / Bank / Day Book
Journal BookHavala Option
Quick Entry (All Vouchers)Memorandum Voucher & PDC
Bank ReconciliationInterest Calculation for OD/CC A/c
Audit FeatureDepreciation Chart
Job work A/c. & Billing

Analytical / MIS Reports

Three Year ComparisonNP / GP & Expenses with %
Trading / P & L / Balance SheetThree Year Sales - Purchase analysis with %
Area / City / PartywiseGroup / Category / Productwise
Non Moving Product AnalysisProduct Rate Analysis
Bank ReconciliationMonthly Stock Analysis
Goods Expiry ReportsProductwise GP Report

IT / VAT Reports

Balance Sheet (Free Format)Profit & Loss Account
Trading AccountMultiple Trading Account (Itemwise)
Trial BalanceSales / Purchase Register (Free Format)
TDS / TCSCalcutation / Havala /Challan
Form / E-Return / CertificateForm Analysis (C-Form etc.)
VAT Statutory Reports (Forms)VAT Summary Report
VAT E-Return FacilityCST Forms & E-Return
FBT Defination & Report

GST Entry & Reports

GST SlabGST Commodity
GST Payment EntryUtilization Entry
GST Summary ReportTax Liability Register
ITC RegisterCash Ledger
GST Returns

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